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Lifestyle Services at Broomhill Concierge

Broomhill Concierge offers a wide range of lifestyle services.

All of our Lifestyle Agents are suitably qualified and have undergone a criminal records check.

Our lifestyle service is divided into the following key areas;

Life is a complicated business and remembering a family birthday and the renewal of your insurance can sometimes become lost in the fog of daily life.
We will record all of your important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, Insurance renewals, guarantees & warranty dates, utility maintenance dates, TV & Broadband etc.

We can help you in a couple of ways;

  1. We can remind you that these events are happening before they occur
  2. We can research your options for renewals and provide you with options to follow.
  3. We can go the whole way and make your renewals for you and report back that they have been completed.

Finding time to research a holiday can be difficult and a rushed decision can ruin the vacation.  We will take a briefing from you on what you have in mind for your vacation. Armed with this information and using selected travel agents we will present you with a travel itinerary based on your outline ideas.  Nothing could be simpler.

Broomhill Concierge makes reservations for a complete range of services such as; dinner, theatre, travel & sports events.  Simply by using your customer identification number we can process your request simply and quickly.

Health and wellbeing for you or your family is vitally important to us all.  Too often this is an aspiration on the ‘to do’ list rather than part of a regular routine.  Let us work out an individual or family fitness plan. We can audit your lifestyle and look at options for you, your child or a relative.

For children our team can organize and research membership of local sports teams or clubs. We can also provide a fitness coach who can mentor children to make the most of their involvement in Clubs and at School. Success in sport boosts confidence and helps children have a happier life.

For Everyone where weight is a concern for people of all ages our Coaching team can implement a personalized coaching program to compliment a healthy diet. (We can also provide dietary advice too.)

If you require a; Nanny, Tutor, Housekeeper, Butler, Gardner, Driver etc. Let us recruit people for you. We will organise a short list of candidates for you to consider.

Good staff are hard to find and where to start looking can be very difficult too.

The IKEA bed, the new PC, the children’s swing or the new BOSS sound system looks great in the showroom but not so good in bits on the floor.

Make life easier; let us take the strain and frustration out of buying new things for the home.  We have a range of technical agents who can take on the task of unpacking and setting up your purchases.

This is a pack and build service. We can take on every aspect of a planned house move from the transfer of utilities to the packing of boxes.  We can offer a flexible service where you buy a batch of hours and spread their use over a time frame to suit this enormous life affecting part of your life.

Gifts; let our expert support agents pick and select gifts from within your budget range. With a brief description of the intended recipient we can provide you with a small list of options to choose from.

Shopping Service can be for the weekly grocery shop or clothing for family members. 

We can also provide you with a fashion and lifestyle guru for the wardrobe overhaul!

It’s an important birthday or anniversary and you have the panic of getting a venue, organising the catering, getting a suitable band or children’s entertainer...

Our agent will take a briefing from you to understand what you want to achieve from your function.  We will do the rest and you can enjoy the acclamation of putting on a great party.

Our prices start from as little as £20.
For information please contact us on 0141 391 0022 or 07939673276.

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"Many thanks to Broomhill Concierge for the support during a recent purchase of a stair lift. They gave me confidence to choose the company I wanted and not feel pressured by the salesman."
R Dyer, Glasgow - September, 2011

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