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Independent Living Services at Broomhill Concierge

Broomhill Concierge offers a wide range of services designed to help elderly and disabled people live Independent lifestyles.

All of our Agents are suitably qualified and have undergone a criminal records check.

Broomhill Concierge offers befriending and support services to people wanting to live independently.

We are living longer lives and we all want to remain comfortably in our own home for as long as possible.

To achieve this there are some key elements that affect our ability to live independently.

  • Our personal health

  • The support of others such as Neighbours, Family and Friends.

  • Access to Support Services

Independent Living Services at Broomhill Concierge

All of our agents and staff are suitably qualified and have undergone a criminal records check.
Our clients can choose from a range of service levels to suit their needs and the service levels can be adjusted to meet changes in circumstances.

We measure customer satisfaction and staff performance levels as an essential part of our operation.
We operate a traffic light reporting system that warns of an escalation in care needs.

Home Visiting and Telephone Service

We appoint a personal Befriender for each of our clients. This is someone who can visit you in your home and call you on the telephone on a weekly basis. Our Befriender is there to support our client on a personal level but they may also provide or be a link to other services as required.

We feel that older people can become isolated and are potentially more vulnerable as a consequence. Our Befrienders are a guard against the consequences of isolation. 

Sales Appointment Buddy

The need to get new windows, a new kitchen or a stair lift fitted in your home can be some of life’s most stressful events for anyone, if you are on your own this can be even more daunting. 

If you are a retired person or you have an elderly relative you want to make sure that these sales visits go well and most importantly you are not taken advantage of. Broomhill Concierge can be there for you or for your family member as a friendly back up and timekeeper at the appointment.

Our agent is not there to make a decision for you on what to choose but we are there to make sure you are not pressured into making a decision you are not entirely happy with.

Appointment Companion

A visit to the doctor, optician or the council office can be extremely important while also being a very stressful, physical and emotional task. A Companion can help make these experiences far easier to deal with than they might otherwise be.  Broomhill agents will look to provide practical help and emotional support throughout the task in hand.

Holiday Companion

Too often we can be put off trying something like a Coaching Holiday because we are single or widowed and don’t want to travel alone.

Our service offers you the opportunity to enjoy vacations with a companion who can fill the role of a niece or family friend.

Domestic Help

We offer a full range of domestic support services for every aspect of home life. A simple assessment will be carried out as part of a first visit.

Our domestic agents are flexible and will look to turn their hand to whatever is required in the home.  We can organise these services on a regular weekly rota or on a one-off basis.

In addition to traditional cleaning our agents will turn their hand to any household tasks that are required such as; laundry, ironing, spring cleaning and some basic cooking.  Our team are flexible and multi skilled.

Bereavement Services

There are many practical things that need to be considered at this particular time. We can be on hand to help with the immediate arrangements after the death of a loved one.

In addition we can offer counseling and befriending to our clients having to adjust to life after a loss.

Our prices start from as little as £20.
For information please contact us on 0141 391 0022 or 07939673276.

Gold Level

Silver Level

Bronze Level

Weekly Service Meeting Monthly Service Meeting Quarterly Service Meeting
Weekly Contact Call Weekly Contact Call Weekly Contact Call
2 Hours Weekly Staff Hire 1 Hour Weekly Staff Hire
20% off additional Hourly Hire rate 15% off additional Hourly Hire rate 10% off additional Hourly Hire rate
24 Hour Service Line 12 Hour Service Line
(8 am till 8pm)
Day Time Service Line
(9 am till 5pm)
Monthly Newsletter Monthly Newsletter Monthly Newsletter
Buying Consortium offers Buying Consortium offers Buying Consortium offers

£160 per month

£80 per month

£25 per month

Description of Services

Subscriptions; Membership is annual and paid in 12 monthly instalments in advance or in a single payment. There are no joining fees.

Service Meetings; these are support meetings with your personal advisor to discuss your personal requirements or part of our befriending service to promote independent living.

Contact Calls; these are weekly calls from your personal advisor to discuss your personal requirements or part of our befriending service to promote independent living.

Staff Hire; can be for any of the hire services that Broomhill Concierge provide.

Percentage Discounts; this is the reduction you will receive from the standard rate of hire for any of our services.

Service Line; your phone contact with us to discuss any requirements you may have. You will have a personal identity number issued for this purpose.

Newsletter; we will produce a monthly e-newsletter telling you what’s happening within Broomhill Concierge and the wider world.

Buying Consortium; Broomhill Concierge seeks to gain commercial advantages for our members. We will keep you informed about discounts and benefits that we source on your behalf.

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"I contacted Broomhill Concierge over a year ago, when I required help with general housekeeping. I got a very speedy response and was introduced to my Housekeeper very quickly. They are efficient, pleasant, pro-active and so enthusiastically keen to help. Very flexible and always go the extra mile! The service and engagement with them is superb. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Broomhill Concierge to help my friends, family and colleagues. "
R Robertson - 21st January 2015

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